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Serenity Yoga With Rev.Denise

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Wellness Through Serenity Yoga

Serenity Yoga

With Rev. Denise 

Tuesday @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


A healing, anatomy - based yoga wellness class that you can practice from the comfort of your most comfortable sofa or chair, with  relaxing mindful meditation. Click Register Here 

Tuesday @ 6:00 pm - 7:10 pm


An evening yoga class with a combination of Serenity Yoga Asanas to encourage a strong Immune System while relaxing through mindful relaxation and meditation.
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Thursday @ 6:00 pm - 7:10 pm


A combination of Serenity Yoga Asanas to encourage a strong Immune System.  Serenity Yoga at Turner is now Online. Turner Members please  use the Code in your email. Register Here 

Welcome Friends!

As a Minister of Health and Wellness in the AME Church, a Certified Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Educator, I help practitioners and friends on their journey to health and well-being. My passion is teaching Serenity Yoga With Denise in the tradition of yoga that is intended to sooth your soul and energize you mind, body and spirit.

I have the deepest respect for the body’s ability to heal itself and the body’s ability to have muscle memory, meaning, our muscles remember the ability to be flexible, supple, and moveable, the way we were, when we were kids. So you don’t need to wait to get in shape to enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice. All you need is the desire to enjoy breathing, combined with gentle movement, and mindful relaxation with purpose and intentionality.


I give honor to my yoga teachers, my individual gurus, and I give honor to our Ancestors, who first taught us how to heal and how live, in optimal health no matter what environmental condition we find ourselves in.  I dedicate my work as an Anatomy Based Yoga Teacher to my father, Dr. David Harris, who taught Medical Students at Freedman’s Hospital, just before it became known as our beloved Howard University School of Medicine, and he taught me, as I was growing up, about the benefits of a healthy diet of green leafy vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, and beans, without the heavy meats, to heal the body. I am constantly researching the amazing effects of dramatic disease reversal when the body is provided with a balanced diet, based on whole plant-foods, along with a healthy, non-smoking lifestyle, daily walks in the fresh air and sunshine, meaningful work, adequate sleep — and, at all times, generous doses of love combined with moments of joy.

I invite you to take your health — wherever it is at this moment — to the next level by enjoying and learning from the valuable resources and collection of videos offered here at  In my Healthy You webinar series, I present and discuss important topics related to health, nutrition, the science of yoga, and the benefits of a lifestyle of spiritual well-being. This video section is constantly growing and available for you to access at any time.

I look forward to helping you on your path to optimal wellness through the art and science of yoga.

Rev. Denise


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It doesn’t matter how you are feeling, there’s something special for you, in the mindfully curated collection of  Livestream Classes, Workshops, and Virtual Retreats.  I encourage you to create your wellness routine, which includes practicing yoga on and off the mat. 


I can help you make choices in your wellness journey that are realistic and reflect your current situation.  We can meet in person, via Zoom or by telephone, and the first fifteen-minute consultation is on me. 

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Thank you for Attending The Serenity Wellness Retreat

You're Invited To Schedule Your Consultations with Our Presenters

The Serenity Wellness Retreat
The Healing Power of Cannabis,
The Healing Power of Joy, The Healing Power of Essential Oils,
The Healing Power of Prayer
Saturday, April 24, 2021
10:00 am – 12:00 Noon, Live via  Zoom

Dr Patricia Fry.png

Patricia M. Frye, MD

The Healing  Power of Cannabis

Patricia M. Frye, MD, Affiliate Professor, The University of Maryland, Author, "The Medical Marijuana Guide", Consultant and Independent Physician, Takoma Park  Integrative Care. Contact Patricia M. Frye, MD

Helen Ingram Mitchell MA.JPG

Helen Ingram Mitchell, MA, CMP


The Healing Power of Joy

Helen Ingram Mitchell, MBA, CMP,  Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Psychologist, Author, "The Joy Journal", and Founder, The Collective, The Refresh Experience. Contact Helen Ingram Mitchell, MA, CMP

Kim Greenfield Alfonso MBA.jpg

Kim Greenfield Alfonso, MBA

The Healing Power of Essential Oils
Kim Greenfield Alfonso, MBA, Co-Founder, Results One LLC,  dOTERRA Wellness Advocate, dOTERRA  Butterfly Wellness, Contact Kim Greenfield Alfonso, MBA

Connect With Our Wellness Retreat Presenters

Rev Jane Wood.jpg

Rev. Jane Wood, Interim Pastor

The Healing Power of Prayer

Rev. Jane Wood, Interim Pastor, Interim Pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Chevy Chase, MD and former Senior Pastor of Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church in Rockville (2003-2011). Read More

Rev. Denise Burriss.jpg

Rev. Denise Burriss, E-RYT, Minister of Health and Wellness

A Message from Rev. Denise

Thank You for Taking This Wellness Journey With us. Please allow me to thank each and every one of you, for attending the Wellness Retreat on Saturday.  Your presence warmed my heart more than you will know.  Read More

The Serenity Wellness Retreat 

Health and Wellness Workshops at Turner

Dr Rita Rodgers-Stanley.webp
Yoga Lotus.png

The Healing Power of A Strong Immune System 
Dr. Rita-Rodgers Stanley, Internist

Contact Dr. Rita Rodgers-Stanley

In case you missed the Health and Wellness Workshops we had with Turner Memorial, in February and March, please take a few minutes to review the February and March videos with Dr. Rita Rodgers Stanley, here on our website.

If you were blessed to be with us for these workshops, please share this with your network of friends and family. Dr. Rita shared how we can stay above the COVID pandemic and as Dr. Rita Stanley says, 'If the virus should find you, we pray it finds you well, with a strong Immune System to fight it.'  Read More

Wellness and Meditation Online

Yoga Lotus.png
Our Garden 2020.jpg
Yoga Lotus.png

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga


The Path To Finding Inner Peace and Joy


The combination of these three can help with focus, stress and your outlook on life.  These benefits of mindfulness, meditation and yoga are amplified with exercise and proper food choices to achieve optimal health and well-being, mind, body and spirit.  

Here are a few Questions for you:

Was this a photo taken at sunrise, or at sunset?

Question #2 When you see a glass filled halfway with water, do you see the glass half full? or Do you see the glass half empty?  Read More

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Inhale Inner Peace,

Exhale Joy.

Soulful Serenity. Wisdom Within.



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