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Serenity With Denise Yoga

                   Relax. Move. Connect.

Eight Week Course: 

Serenity Yoga, Self Care, and Anatomy Based-Wellness 

October 27 - December 17, 2020

Explore the Eight Limbs of Yoga , Auyervedic Wellness, and purpose for every yoga pose for healing, wellness and preventive care, as you enter the Fall and Winter Holiday season relaxed, renewed and refreshed. 

Changing your posture, breathing, and rhythm can all change your brain, thereby reducing stress,  

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Serenity Yoga Online Courses,

Workshops and Retreats

Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness.

Using movement and breath to connect the mind, the body, and the spirit. with gentle, Serenity Yoga,

Serenity Yoga, Wellness, and Meditation

An Eight-Week Course  Exploring the Principles of Yoga, Auyervedic Wellness and Mindful Relaxation.

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"What's In Your Smoothie and What's On our Plate?"   


I was honored to Host a Virtual Nutritional Workshop

Sunday, November 22, 2020

at 3:00 pm

Thank you, United Martin Family

for the invitation to host a Nutritional Wellness Workshop

with you!


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