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"Yoga To Awaken The Artist Within"

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Pause. Rest. Be.

Relax Your Mind, Center Your Body,

and Nourish Your Spirit. 


Yoga Is an Ancient, Sacred Practice To Connect

The Mind, The Body, and The Spirit

Which Leads to a Holistic Approach to Healing and Wellness in the Body.

It's Our Breath and Movement that connects us to nourishing all areas

                 of our lives, including our relationships, our spirituality, and the world around us. 

Yoga begins with prayer and setting our intentions for our practice.

The five principles of yoga include:

Proper Exercises (Asanas)

Proper Breathing (Pranayama)

Proper Relaxation.

Proper Diet and Nutrition.

Meditation and Positive thinking.

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Rosa Parks Practiced Yoga in Chicago, Illinois, Circa, 1973

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are the personal contracts or rules for our behavior towards others in society

and all living beings. . . . .


are the personal contracts or rules for our behavior         towards others in society

                      and all living beings. . . . .


are the personal contracts or rules for our behavior towards ourselves.

Alice Coltrane was introduced to yoga by her husband John Coltrane. Circa, 1973

Alice Coltrane & John Coltrane.jpg

By the 1970s, when many of our present-day yoga leaders had just begun practicing, Alice had already traveled to India with Satchidananda to play and learn about eastern music.  She studied Indian and yogic spiritual concepts and philosophies, eventually being called to spiritual leadership and transforming her identity to Swamini Turiyasangitananda. (Black Yoga Teachers’ Alliance, 2022).

Gentle Yoga helps to get the body out of stress-mode, releases tension,

                     calms the  nervous system, to gain clearer thinking and restores an overall

                                        sense of  balance to the body, the mind and the spirit.

Eartha Kitt, American Singer, Practiced Yoga While on Vacation. Circa, 1960's

Eartha Kitt Yoga 2.jpg
Eartha Kitt yoga 3.jpg

How many years do you think she practiced?

The joy on her smile says it all.

A Yoga practice for Every Body

              Serenity Yoga With Rev. Denise

Yoga Session
Seniors practicing yoga

"Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul

and healthy for the body."

Share your kindness with the world.

Let's journey on and off the mat with inner peace, joy, and Serenity Yoga.

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