Yoga To Awaken

Yoga To Awaken

The Artist Within

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Through Breath and Relaxation



And Focus To Celebrate Your Inner Strength

Inner Peace and Joy

Inner Peace and Joy

Encourages Harmony



Brings Clarity of Thought

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The Serenity Wellness Retreat
The Healing Power of Cannabis,
The Healing Power of Joy and the Healing Power of Essential Oils
Saturday, April 24, 2021
10:00 am – 12:00 Noon, Live via  Zoom

The Serenity Yoga Summer Series 

The Serenity Experience

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With Rev. Denise Burriss
Minister of Health and Wellness
Certified Yoga Wellness Educator


A Message from Rev. Denise

Thank you for taking this wellness journey with me. Please allow me to thank each and every one of you as you make this investment in your wellness journey.

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Rev. Denise Burriss, Certified Yoga Wellness Educator,

Invites You To Our Wellness Workshop Summer Series

  "Yoga To Awaken The Artist Within."

Thursday, September 22, 2022 

from 6:00 pm to 7:45 pm EDT

Yoga Class

Yoga Wellness Seminar

Health is wealth, Inner Peace is Happiness and Yoga shows the way.

Did you know? Rosa Parks, Eartha Kitt, and Alice Coltrane are among the many artists who practiced yoga in the 1960's? Learn more about the incredible artistic expressions of yoga. 

This  Serenity Yoga Wellness Seminar will include an overview of Egyptian culture and art.  We will identify yoga practitioners in the Arts Industry from the 1960's to our present time, in the the United States. We will explore the origin of yoga from India which teaches the importance of our breath and mindful relaxation, that leads to identifying and finding our purpose, our Inner Artist, our  "Dharma". 

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Yoga Wellness Seminar

'Yoga is the artistic expression of self-discipline based on the tenets of ‘simple living and high thinking’. 

Yoga is The Dance of the  Body


  • We will be reminded that all good things are Divine  gifts and yoga is an artistic gift to help us take care of ourselves; mind, body, and spirit, which opens our spirit to the artistic expressions of who we are,

  • You will learn about The Eight Limbs of yoga that teach us non- violence towards others and kindness towards ourselves,

  • We'll connect with the spiritual choices that celebrate our creative, authentic selves to find our purpose, our Dharma,

  • We will explore the purpose of self care through Yoga, Breathing and Mindful Relaxation, on and off the mat.

  • We'll begin our Yoga practice with relaxing Breathing exercises, and we will end the Seminar Workshop with a Serenity Yoga Practice that includes relaxation and mindful meditation.

  • With time permitting, we will share our experience from this Yoga practice and exploration.

"Yoga To Awaken The Artist Within"

Thursday, September 22, 2022 

from 6:00 pm to 7:45 pm EDT 

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Inhale Inner Peace,

Exhale Joy.

Soulful Serenity. Wisdom Within.


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