Wellness and Meditation

The truth is, we all meditate, at different times and in different ways, to relax, recharge our minds, and re-energize, but often times, our thoughts get in the way of the intended purpose of meditation, to find inner peace and joy.


A series of Guided Meditation classes will assist individuals and groups, to settle in to the quietness of our minds and learn to find solace there.  Learn how to channel your thoughts, thinking on those things that are true, and honorable.  Thoughts will be guided back to Nature and all of the beauty we find strolling through the Garden, or a walk in the park, or your favorite Garden Center.

Teaching Yoga NBC 4 Health & Fitness Exp

Rev. Denise teaching Serenity Yoga

at the NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo.


What is Serenity Yoga and Meditation? Serenity Yoga is Gentle Yoga with purpose. Serenity With Denise Yoga strives to provide an inspiring, safe environment to encourage students to cultivate a greater self-awareness through a divine mind, body, spirit journey that encourages personal growth, self-awareness, purpose and freedom.


Our path to well-being is a journey of positive thoughts, eating well and caring for our our spirit. Yoga is the union between mind, body,  spirit and it encourages overall health and well-being. The hope is that students leave class feeling differently than when they walked in- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Practicing yoga is one way to help draw you back to that place of balance and help you find Serenity, inner peace,

and joy. Feeling balanced and centered, emotionally and mentally stable, physically strong, and having an overall feeling of peace and harmony—that’s what it means to experience Serenity. Allow me to help you find that place within yourself where you can rediscover balance and peace.

I'll see you on the mat and on the chair!


Wellness and Meditation

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