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Yoga Teacher Mentoring 

Serenity Yoga with Rev. Denise 

For any teacher who wants to feel more grounded, clear and confident in their teaching and teaching career. Private lessons are a perfect way to personalize your yoga teaching practice, focusing on aspects that are important to you. Highly customized yoga lessons can be life transforming and spiritually uplifting.

Questions about Private Yoga Teacher Training Workshops? Contact Rev. Denise

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Personalize Your Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are feeling the need to expand your practice emotionally, physically or spiritually, private yoga teacher 

training can shift your yoga teaching practice into your teaching career

and can take you in the direction you need to move into.  


The bonus is that private yoga teacher training can be
tailored to meet your mood and energy level and
prepare you for your series of classes.

Over the course of several full days together you will learn

practical and tangible actions that will change all your teaching

{private and group classes} right away. You will also take a deep

dive into your own personal development and be empowered to

hear and trust your intuition {one of your greatest tools in private


Consider Live Teacher Training if you:
  • Prefer individual attention with alignment of the spine

  • Need convenient scheduling

  • Want to begin your teacher training practicing yoga and learning at your
    own pace

  • Aspire to explore specific aspects of your teaching 

In our initial consultation we’ll discuss how private yoga teacher training can enhance

your yoga teacher experience, centering on important elements of your practice.

Together we’ll establish the focus and goals of the lessons to maximize our time together and ensure you get exactly what you need. In addition, we’ll determine the ideal frequency and time of your sessions.

To schedule your first Private Yoga Teacher Training consultation, please send me an email,


Serenity Yoga Online Teacher Training

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats

This online teacher training program is modeled after my 20-hour

Serenity Yoga Private Lesson™ in-person teacher training, based on this weekly schedule.

Teachers are encouraged to attend two classes each week in addition to their private consultation, 

in order to experience the full benefits of the science and joy of teaching yoga online.

Serenity Yoga Teacher Training

Schedule Your 2 Hour Private Consultation

$98.00 per hour


Focus will be on proper body alignment within poses and learning to develop deeper breathing techniques. Specific instruction of the basic yoga poses will be provided. Teachers will learn how to give cues and how to modify poses to best suit the needs of each class.  Rev. Denise will help to get you out of your head with teaching and to become comfortable with teaching from your heart, boosting your energy while enjoying inner peace together. Online teacher preparation will be discussed and demonstrated to help prepare teachers for their online teacher training practicum.

Serenity Yoga and Pilates
Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Serenity Yoga and Pilates is open to Friends of Serenity Yoga.  Yoga Teachers are invited to enjoy the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, and Mindful Relaxation. This class is taught at a Level 2/3 Active Vinyasa class. Teachers are invited to attend this class to obtain practice hours. Rev. Denise will offer themes for this class that are especially helpful to other yoga teachers and Rev. Denise will stay after class for 15 to 30 minutes to answer questions.

All Levels Serenity Yoga 
Thursdays @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


All Levels Serenity Yoga Class is open to Members of Turner Memorial, Friends of Serenity Yoga and especially Yoga Teachers.  Rev. Denise will begin each class with Yoga Philosophy, setting the intention and creating the theme for the class.  Each class end with mindful relaxation and meditation. Rev. Denise will offer themes for this all levels class each week, and will stay after class for about 15-30 minutes to answer questions with Yoga teachers.

The online teacher training program is modeled after my 20 - hour

Serenity Yoga Private Lesson™ in-person teacher training. 

Teachers can select weekly consultations and attend two classes each week, with 5 hours of hands on teacher training.

Or select multiple weeks for a total of 4 weeks with 5 hours per week of private teacher training.

Teachers can determine the theme of the teacher training to prepare for their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification,


Or to prepare to teach online, once Teacher Training Certification has been obtained. 

You will feel more prepared for your next level of Teacher Training.

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