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As you experience Serenity Yoga from the comfort of your home.

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Preparing for Serenity Yoga class​

It's always suggested to wear comfortable, relaxed clothing,  Throughout the day of your class, it's advisable to eat light, healthy snacks and stop intake of any food at least two hours prior to your class for ease of movement, particularly with forward bends. 


Breathe, Move, and Connect to the Depths of Your Spirit with Rev. Denise 


Your continued support helps to provide Serenity With Denise Yoga It doesn’t matter how you are feeling, there’s something special in our mindfully curated collection of daily offerings. My mission is to make this practice accessible to everyone and I deeply appreciate your support during these unprecedented times.

Recommended Props for Yoga Practice 

1 or 2 small folded yoga blankets, or your favorite throw is a good substitute​

1 yoga strap, or a scarf is a good substitute

2 Yoga Blocks

Some classes will call for a pillow, to use during Savasana  (Meditation)

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