Weekly Yoga Classes

Serenity Yoga With Rev. Denise

Highly customized yoga lessons can be life transforming and spiritually uplifting.  To join our online classes,  select from the schedule for weekly class offerings.  

Each Serenity With Denise Yoga class will take you to a safe, spiritual and sacred space for you to become one with your inner spirit where healing and transformation will take place, at your level and at your pace.

To attend live, online Serenity Yoga classes, you’ll need:

  • An open heart

  • Your yoga matInternet

  • A laptop, tablet, computer, or cell phone with a camera that can be adjusted to allow Rev. Denise to see your full mat

  • The Zoom App (ie: The Zoom Client for Meetings)

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Weekly Yoga Classes

Tuesday, 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Slow Flow Serenity Yoga and Meditation Classes are based on gentle movement with Mindful Meditation and purpose. Focus will be on proper body alignment within poses, while learning to develop deeper breathing techniques to bring about spiritual awareness and  inner healing and spiritual awareness. Instruction of the traditional yoga poses will be provided and students will be taught ways to modify and vary poses to best suit their needs.   Register Here

Tuesday, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Serenity Yoga and Pilates

A combination of the gentleness of Serenity Yoga with low impact floor exercise of Pilates, resulting in muscular strength and endurance  movements.  Emphasis will focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance in a soothing Vinyasa flow.  Meditation and Mindful Relaxation will end each class. Register Here

Thursday, 6:00 - 7:00 pm


All Levels Serenity Yoga at  Turner

Serenity Yoga is gentle yoga. The coordination of breath and movement is emphasized so that students can mindfully flow from pose to pose. This class will utilize a Vinyasa flow and is suitable for students seeking a slow, yet moderate pace. Meditation and Mindful Relaxation will end each class.  Register Here

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Rev. Burriss works with your Group, Company, Organization or Church to encourage a wellness program that includes Serenity Yoga, Mindful Relaxation and Meditation.


Serenity With Denise provides your members the tools to help reduce stress, and enhance their health and well-being with yoga postures and breathing techniques which members can incorporate into their daily lives. A study of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and the self regulating behaviors involving our positive interaction with others, and the world at large.  to For more information and to schedule a Wellness Workshop, please email Rev. Denise, denise@serenitywithdenise.com

Serenity Yoga Virtual Spa and Retreat

Date and Time To Be Determined

We were planning to go back to the Mountains, so let's bring the Mountains to us!!


Join Rev. Denise Burriss for an Online Yoga and Spa Retreat, to Relax, Re-Focus and Completely Un-Wind,  with Purpose and Intentionality  Creating Your At Home Spa, Yoga, Breathing and Meditation.  Date and Time to Be Determined this Spring. 

Register Here

Serenity With Denise Membership

50% Off Membership

Serenity With Denise Membership


Membership provides the most affordable and convenient way to access the healing benefits of yoga and develop a consistent practice wherever you are.  A consistent yoga practice will change your life! You will find yourself becoming more calm, centered  and less reactive. It's time to create your best life.  Email Rev. Denise, denise@serenitywithdenise.com

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