Serenity Yoga, Self Care and Wellness 

Serenity Yoga With Rev. Denise

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a yoga class by yourself? Private lessons are a perfect way to personalize your practice, focusing on aspects that are important to you. Highly customized yoga lessons can be life transforming and spiritually uplifting.

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Serenity Yoga, Self Care and Wellness:

An Eight Week Course

November 2 - December 21, 2020

An eight week course offering self care, calming, stress-relieving

Serenity yoga classes to gently warm and stretch the muscles, and

strengthen the body gradually, with the purpose of relaxation and

endurance. Emphasis will be on mind, body and breath awareness.


Yoga Asanas, or Poses, are linked together at a slow pace with

attention to alignment of the spine, resulting in better sleep and

enhanced quality of life.  The healing power of breathing combined with

the tradition and purpose of practicing yoga offers us a way to see a

world that is working for you instead of against you. Yoga reminds

me that everything is connected, so we must live, act, and breathe

with awareness.


Whether you are feeling the need to expand your practice emotionally, physically or spiritually, private

lessoncan shift your practice in the direction that you need.  


The bonus is that private classes can be tailored to meet your mood and energy level on the day of your class!

Consider this Eight Week Course if you:

  • Prefer individual attention with alignment of the spine

  • Are considering the study and purpose of Yoga as it was originally intended

  • Want to learn more about the Eight Limbs of yoga and the Five Principles of Yoga

  • Want to begin practicing yoga learning at your own pace

  • Aspire to explore specific aspects of your practice

  • Are easing back into practice after injury or illness

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