Welcome To Your Serenity Wellness Retreat

A Holistic Wellness Destination

Like No Other - Your Home

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

10:00 am - 12:00 Noon
Please Mark Your Calendars

Creating Your Exquisite, At-Home Retreat, in the Comfort of Your Home​

Please Remember to Relax and Enjoy, this Retreat is for you,
Thank you again for planning your Wellness Journey with me.


  • On the day of the Retreat, be sure to find yourself in a comfortable chair or sofa. We are creating your At- Retreat, in the comfort of your home, and your personal comfort and relaxation is the first step.

  • Feel free to have a small blanket or throw, any additional pillows, your favorite comfy socks, and by all means, relaxed, comfortable, leisure - wear. We are encouraging you NOT to sit a your desk, for the Serenity Wellness Retreat.

  • We won't use yoga mats or be on the floor for the Retreat, however, if you can have your legs elevated for comfort, during the Retreat. Finding your ultimate comfort during the Wellness Retreat, that will be relaxing.

  • We will take a few small breaks during the Retreat, and they will include a few gentle stretches, as well as bio-breaks.  Be sure to have your room - temperature water nearby, a bowl of your favorite fruit or healthy snack.

  • You might want to plug in or connect a small speaker to your computer, laptop or mobile device.  This is not required, but we will play music at the beginning, and a few moments during the Retreat.  Again, this is not a requirement, just an added level of relaxation to Creating Your At Home Retreat.

  • You are welcome to post your questions in the Chat during presentations.  After each Presenter has shared their slides and transformational information with us, we will open the mics to engage in the questions and answers.

  • You can visit this page as often as you like, to prepare for the Serenity Wellness Retreat.  Feel free to share this Retreat with your network of friends and family, so we can all benefit from this wonderful experience.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact Rev. Denise
I'm looking forward to this journey with you on our Virtual Retreat!

Rev. Denise