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Preparing for Serenity Yoga  
In the Park

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Serenity Yoga
In the Park

Preparing for Your 

Virtual Class, Event, or In Person Class

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If you pre-registered you have received an email with a few of these instructions.
If you did not register, and wish to join us, you can register here.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise regardless of your age or practice level. It combines body movements, breathing, and mental relaxation while relieving stress and maintaining health and well-being. Learn basic moves to strengthen your body and increase your flexibility. 

On the day of the Serenity Yoga Class, Yoga in the Park, or  Serenity Yoga Retreat,

  • Depending on where you will set up your class, be sure to find yourself in a comfortable chair or sofa, or on your mat. We are creating your At- Home Retreat, in the comfort of your home, and your personal comfort and relaxation is the first step.

  • In-person events will have a more community set up, with protocals in place to respect social distancing.

Please Remember:

It is highly advisable to eat very light at least 2 hours before your yoga practice.

For  All Classes and Virtual Retreats:

Feel free to have a small blanket or throw, any additional pillows, your favorite comfy socks, and by all means, relaxed, comfortable, leisure - wear. 

Get comfortable as if you were on your retreat. Sofa, recliner, even the foot of your bed for meditation is idea, and of course your yoga mat.  Be prepared to move around and explore.

  • You might want to plug in or connect a small speaker to your computer, laptop or mobile device.  This is not required, but we will play music at the beginning, and a few moments during the Retreat.  Again, this is not a requirement, just an added level of relaxation to Create Your At Home Retreat.

Before You Come to Class

  • Do not attend class if you feel sick.

  • Please bring your own yoga mat and equipment with you to class.

  • Online class registration is encouraged prior to attend class. Children ages 18 and under must be registered by a parent or guardian. 

  • Please arrive at class on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, your spot may be forfeited to another participant.

  • There is no guaranteed access to water fountains or restroom facilities at class locations; please come prepared.

During Class

  • COVID-19 GUIDELINES: Face coverings are no longer required outdoors in the parks but are encouraged for unvaccinated individuals.

  • Please check in with staff upon arrival and follow the directions of staff and signs. Participants should remain 6 feet apart at all times.

  • Instructors will provide verbal cues only. There will be no direct contact.


If you have any questions, please click here to contact Rev. Denise
I'm looking forward to our Virtual or In-person Journey.

Rev. Denise

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