Preparing for Serenity Yoga  
with Rev. Denise

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Preparing for Your Online
Virtual Class


Preparing for Serenity Yoga
In the Park

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Thank you for sharing your yoga practice with me.

If you pre-registered you have received an email with a few of these instructions.
If you did not register, and wish to join us, you can Click Here to Register

  • On the day of the Class, Yoga Workshop, Yoga in the Park, or the Serenity Yoga Retreat, depending on where you will set up your class, be sure to find yourself in a comfortable chair or sofa, or on your mat. We are creating your At- Retreat, in the comfort of your home, and your personal comfort and relaxation is the first step.

  • Please remember: It is highly advisable to eat very light at least 2 hours before your yoga practice.

  • Hava a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated. Wear comfortable clothing, and always bring a comfortable fleece style jacket or sweater to put on during final Meditation. Socks can also be used to help keep the toes warm during Meditation.

  • For Yoga In the Park classes, it's strongly advisable to use two beach towels or two long towels that can be washed. You can place your yoga mat on one towel, to protect your mat, and use the 2nd towel to roll up under your knees for support when lying down, as an option. You can also use a long towel instead of a yoga mat if practice will be on the grass.

  • Feel free to have a small blanket or throw, any additional pillows, your favorite comfy socks, and by all means, relaxed, comfortable, leisure - wear. We are encouraging you NOT to sit a your desk, for the Serenity Wellness Retreat. Instead, get comfortable as if you were on your retreat.

  • You might want to plug in or connect a small speaker to your computer, laptop or mobile device.  This is not required, but we will play music at the beginning, and a few moments during the Retreat.  Again, this is not a requirement, just an added level of relaxation to Creating Your At Home Retreat.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact Rev. Denise
I'm looking forward to this journey with you on our Virtual Retreat!

Rev. Denise