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Mindful Relaxation and Mind Body Balance

Balancing the connection between your mind, your body

and your spirit's vitally important to your health and spiritual

well-being. Center your thoughts, settle into silence,

experience harmony........ This is Mindful Relaxation.

What is Mindfulness?  It is the absolute awareness of ‘self’,

your environment, and your goals without being selfish in nature;

all rolled into a wonderful state of being.

Mindful Relaxation is being able to prioritize what's important
to you, deciding what's absolutely necessary right now, while 

remaining calm and in control of your emotional state-of-being, without missing a beat.

  • Mindfulness taking charge of your mind and telling the muscles in your body it's okay to relax, no matter where you are ,
    no matter what the situation

  • It is the art of living daily, sometimes with stress, sometimes without stress, while being highly productive
    and having a relaxed presence of mind

  • You can do this by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation, through yoga.
    Adding these activities into your everyday life can help reduce everyday stress and boost your energy and mood.

Create Your Own Mindful Sanctuary 

Developing an awareness of mindful relaxation can be cultivated through prayer and meditation which yields the art of being in control of your thoughts and allowing your spirit to guide your choice of actions, and choosing your words carefully. We learn to respond rather than to react.


When you bring awareness to the center, quiet your thoughts, and settle into silence, you will experience harmony, balance and mindfulness.

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