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Your Serenity will begin when you relax your mind, center  your body and nourish  your spirit.

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Thank you for joining me on Tuesday, June 21st and Thursday, June 23rd to celebrate International Day of Yoga 

Let's continue the journey as we practice yoga on and off the mat for health and well-being.

Healthy Living is Practicing Yoga as a Lifestyle

Three Things We Must Remember


1) Acknowledge How You Feel. When you get up first thing in the morning, even if you’ve got your best night of sleep you may wake up sad, angry, or anxious. 

Traditional yoga practice begins in prayer post and returns to prayer pose as we complete a Sun Salutation.


A Prayer a day keeps  the devil away

Hebrews 11 6

2) Give Yourself Permission To Feel Whatever You Are Going Through. 

Be compassionate and kind to yourself. Whether it be happy feelings or negative feelings. Give yourself permission to simply feel.

And then remember those three things, 

1.We are Loved,

2.Keep faith in the gifts and talents

we have been given, 

3.God has a plan and a purpose for each of us, and yoga teaches us to find our purpose, to find our Dharma, every day, when we set our intention, for our yoga practice, on and off the mat

Spa Setting

International Day of Yoga 2022

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What does it mean to find your Serenity?


Yoga is the union between body, mind and spirit and it encourages overall health and well-being. The hope is that students leave class feeling differently than when they walked in- Serenity With Denise Yoga  provides a way of caring for your health and well-being, connecting your breath to the gentle movements of  your muscles will help you  re-connect to the depths of  your spirit.  You will experience a feeling of balance, emotionally and a sense of well-being, physically, that offers an overall feeling of peace and harmony—that’s what it means to find your Serenity.  


Practicing yoga is one way to help draw you back to that place of balance and help you find Serenity.

Serenity with Denise yoga is health and wellness for your mind, body and spirit, that will guide you to inner peace through gentle, restorative yoga, and mindful relaxation.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat. 

When you present yourself to others with peace, through all that is wonderful and challenging
at the same time, with everything that's going on in our world,
creating a sense of harmony and balance for yourself, and those around you,
grounded in who you are, and at peace with who you have become,

that's where purpose of life and a defined sense of well-being will meet you.


You might enjoy this little bit of history: Krishnamacharya's students included many of yoga's most renowned and influential teachers: K. Pattabhi Jois (1915–2009); and B. K. S. Iyengar (1918-2014).    


Rev. Denise
Rev. Denise Burriss

Minister of Health and Wellness

Certified Yoga Teacher, E-RYT

A Message from Rev. Denise

Thank You for continuing to share your yoga practice with me. Today, 5/18/2021 our 6:00 pm class will be a pre-recorded video class. I recorded my 10:00 am class for you to practice  from May 11th and May 13th.  We'll be live together on Thursday, at 6:00 pm.

Thank you for understanding.

Our scheduled Turner Memorial Quarterly Conference with our Presiding Elder Johnnie Calhoun was scheduled for tonight at 6:00 pm, instead of the regular 7:30 pm time slot. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you enjoy your class today with the recording or whenever you choose to watch the video.

I welcome your feedback if you wish to leave a comment, please click here. Or you can text me, email, call me  or leave a comment in our GroupMe. 

Blessings and Love, Rev. Denise

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