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Wherever you are in the world, we can’t wait to SEE you.

Our online community is committed to supporting you and watching your practice soar!


From the comfort of your home or when you are on the go– Serenity Yoga With Rev. Denise has an offering for you!


  • Register for all virtual weekly classes - practice live or receive the recording directly after class is completed

  • 20% off workshops and special events

  • First access to exclusive, curated Serenity Yoga workshops and special events

  • Access to all recorded classes when registered!

Monthly Billing & Discounts

Members will be billed every 30 days from initial membership signup date and can cancel at any time. Each month Members receive exclusive discount codes and pre-sale opportunities for upcoming workshops and special events.


Why commit with a membership?


With greater accessibility to class times and options, members can cancel and reschedule to accommodate busy lives and unexpected situations. You will receive a recorded video after each virtual class, ensuring you get your much needed practice in! All members have the flexibility to practice in the convenience of home, or whenever you are on travel.


What is the value of my investment?

Class packs and drop ins are easy and efficient. Memberships are a commitment to yourself, your well-being and your practice. Our Membership provides great value for students who practice 2 or more classes per week and who thrive in community.


$98 Virtual Membership Rate | Drop In Class Rate: $18

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