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A Walk In The Park, at Dunbarton Oaks

What a difference a year can make!!

This article was written laste year on my Birthday, September 2019.

Tuesday, the other day, I stopped at Dunbarton Oaks, just because,

and spent a few minutes walking through one of my favorite gardens

in Georgetown, on my way to my water walking. Feeling blessed and

very contemplative with where I am in this space and time. Spending

so many fun times in high school, hanging out in Georgetown was


just "exlporatoraly" fun. That's a new word.

No this is not Hillwood Garden my other #1 favorite Garden which is

literally behind my parents' house, on the other side of Rock Creek.

This is the "open to the public" part of the garden at Dunbarton Oaks

on Q Street.

I think it's because my birthday is in September that this time of year I always seem to do my own personal, spiritual and intellectual assessment of where God has taken me and where He's planning to take me in my walk with Him; and now after many years of Ministry, I add this to my list of assessment and conversation with God.

In all of the excitement of the Nationals winning the World's Series, I miss my Grandmother Oriaanna Spencer Bondurant Harris more than ever, because she LOVED baseball. She Always watched the games and no matter who went to the World Series, she never missed a game. My Dad's Mom, and I was right there with her, as a little girl, I would sit in the same chair with her! As a young adult, no matter where I was, I would always call her just before the games started!

Thank you Karina Rose for encouraging me to write out my feelings for all the world to read.

I miss my father, Dr. David Harris, who took me to the Senators games at RFK. My older brother taught me all of the player's names, numbers and positions, and he taught me to throw, catch and hit well enough to be "picked" for winning teams during those "pick up" baseball games in the field at the end of our street, Nicholson Street, in Rock Creek Park.

But my father's excitement about getting ready for the games was contageous, and I'm grateful I "caught" that excitement.
So how is it that God would have me to meet and marry Allen, someone who loved and played baseball in high school and college. Even before I met him, and would begin to prepare our son for a career in baseball as he was drafted to play with SF Giants, be welcomed home by the Nats when they played here and go on to win a World Series ring???

Only God;

And before Emmanuel's career took off in the direction it did, only God would have me sitting at the conference table with the Franchise team from Montreal to bring baseball to DC, at the Department of Employment Services, with our Assistant Director Darryl Hardy, our Associate Director Susan Gilbert and our team of Managers and Recriuting team to create jobs at the Nationals Stadium?

So getting up the courage to ask if we can address the Elephant in the room, I said "that World Series ring is awesome!" And while we were each able to try it on, Yeah we did, Lol, It was a prophetic statement from our Assistant Director Mr. Hardy (we miss you Mr. Hardy!!) who said to me, "Denise, it's just a matter of time before you'll be doing this again trying on your son's Workd Series ring!"

How prophetic.

I miss my sister Dyan today. I probably would have just called her on the phone, and shared this moment with her. We would have laughed, sniffed up the tears and we would have met each other at this park just to talk and laugh with each other.

I miss those who have gone on before us, Grandma Lil, Grandpa Jimmy, Grandpa Harris, Uncle Robert, Uncle Sydney, Aunt Margie, all and more, who would have been enjoying the excitement of today.

So, Go Nats!!, but remember to Go With God.

I hope someone will enjoy the peace and beauty of this photo, this is where we are in our space and time in October 2019. In the midst of God's gift of continued beauty and a "nature clock" that tells us the seasons still know how to become gorgeous in the Autumn of Life.

My Great Aunt Anne Spencer and her husband my Great Uncle Edward Spencer have a rock in their garden at the Anne Spencer Garden and Museum in Lynchburg, VA, with these words painted on it, that simply says this "One is always close to God when One is in a garden." Maybe that's why I love gardening so much and why I love to visit them.

It's time to leave to go water walking again. On my way to pick up my 85 year old friend, who has the stamina in the water like someone in her 40's, I'm going to stop by this place again, so she she can enjoy this moment and enjoy the beauty God gives us, before her sight goes completely. Grandma Orie would be pleased with my plans for today. Go Nats!

Peace 💕

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